Help the Library Celebrate 150 Years by Sharing Your Story

Image of opened white note book with a pen, and This Is My Story words written on itWhy does Cleveland Public Library matter to you? What are your favorite memories involving the Library? How do you envision the Library’s next 150 years of service to the community? This is your chance to share.

As we prepare to celebrate Cleveland Public Library’s 150th anniversary in 2019, we’re inviting patrons, community members, and staff to submit their favorite memories and personal stories involving the Library. We’d also love to hear your hopes, your ideas, and your vision for the future of Cleveland Public Library as we look ahead to our next 150 years.

Please fill out the form below to share your story, memory, or photograph. Submitted responses and/or photos may be published in the UpNext programming guide, on, or in other print or digital publications. Responses may be edited for length, clarity, or style.

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