Leading with Her Heart, Lavetta’s Path to Refuge, Learning, Community

Lavetta Louise Price is a woman on a mission—to start a business, to strengthen her community, and, most of all, to help others. Thanks to the resources available to her at Cleveland Public Library’s East 131st Street Branch, she’s able to accomplish all these goals and more. “This is a place where you have access to the world,” Price says….

Libraries as Life-Changers

I’m so grateful I’m in a place now where I can say the Library helped me become the person I am today. I’m a perfect example of how the Library can make a difference in a person’s life. – Juanita O. Brent State Representative, Ohio House District 12 As State Representative Juanita O. Brent tells it, Cleveland Public Library changed…

Help the Library Celebrate 150 Years by Sharing Your Story

Woman and a child playing with a toy house at Woodland Branch.

Why does Cleveland Public Library matter to you? What are your favorite memories involving the Library? How do you envision the Library’s next 150 years of service to the community? This is your chance to share. As we prepare to celebrate Cleveland Public Library’s 150th anniversary in 2019, we’re inviting patrons, community members, and staff to submit their favorite memories…