Cleveland Public Library Celebrates Its Founder’s Day with a Major Announcement

Cleveland Public Library is celebrating 153 years of service to the community.

“On behalf of the Cleveland Public Library staff and Board of Trustees, we are honored to support Clevelanders in all facets of their lives. For over 150 years, Cleveland Public Library has been a trusted cornerstone, connecting our neighborhoods to knowledge, culture, and services,” said Maritza Rodriguez, President of the Cleveland Public Library Board of Trustees. “From recommended reads to COVID-19 test kits to digital access and job help, the Library will continue to develop programs and services that spark conversation, shape new ideas, and build a better city.”

In honor of Founder’s Day, the Library is launching a new educational initiative, The People’s University 2030. The People’s University will empower Clevelanders to learn, grow, and discover new skills through peer-to-peer education. Free to the public, here’s how it works:

  • Any Clevelander can offer a course at the Cleveland Public Library.
  • If the course attracts the requisite number of participants, the class is scheduled.
Patrons taking a class to learn the basics of photography

The People’s University classes will launch in the Fall of 2022. “Everyone is a teacher. Everyone is a learner,” said Felton Thomas, Jr., Executive Director and CEO of Cleveland Public Library.

Director Thomas announced The People’s University 2030 during The City Club forum on Thursday, February 17 entitled “Reading the Opportunity of a City: A City and its Library” with Director Thomas and City Council President Blaine A. Griffin.

“The People’s University truly puts its people at the center of learning. We believe that all people have gifts to share. We want Clevelanders to shape their Library experiences and learn from one another,” remarks Thomas. “If you have a great gift, it’s time for you to become a professor at The People’s University.”

In addition to building and activating The People’s University, the Library will continue to address inequalities facing the city, opening doors to the literacy skills for kindergarten readiness, culture, digital literacy, and employment opportunities.

“The People’s University will remove obstacles to opportunity,” adds Thomas. “The purpose of The People’s University is to welcome everyone to teach and learn with us to bring opportunity within reach for everyone.” Sign up for Cleveland Public Library’s e-newsletter for updates about The People’s University 2030 which starts September 2022.