January 16, 2020 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

Trustees Room Louis Stokes Wing

12:00 Noon

  1. Approval Of The Minutes
    1. Of The Regular Board Meeting Of 12/19/19.
  2. Public Comment
  3. Presentation
    1. Endowment Portfolio, Glen Danahey, PNC
  4. Communications
  5. Finance Committee Report (Mr. Seifullah, Chair)
    1. Resolution to Accept Gifts for the Month of December (EXHIBIT 1)
    2. First Amendment to the Year 2020 Appropriation (EXHIBIT 2)
    3. Resolution to Accept the Endowment from the Francis M. Paulson Trust (EXHIBIT 3)
    4. Resolution to Enter Into an Agreement with Business Smarts for Hardware Maintenance (EXHIBIT 4)
    5. Resolution Authorizing Agreement with Art Therapy Studio for Art Therapy Programming During 2020 (EXHIBIT 5)
    6. Resolution Authorizing Fourth Amendment with the Chilcote Law Firm LLP for Legal Services Related to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch of the Cleveland Public Library (EXHIBIT 6)
    7. Resolution Authorizing Amendment to Agreement with Kastner Westman & Wilkins, LLC for Legal Services Related to Labor Negotiations (EXHIBIT 7)
    8. Fiscal Officer’s Report (REPORT A)
    9. Report on Investment (REPORT B)
    10. Report on Conference and Travel Expenditures (REPORT C)
    11. Purchases from $5,000-$25,000, 10/1/19-12/31/19 (REPORT D)
    12. Purchases from $25,000, 10/1/19-12/31/19 (REPORT E)
    13. Fees Paid for Legal Advice and Services to Ogletree (REPORT F)
    14. Report on BRAVO Wellness Incentive Program (REPORT G)
    15. Report on Expenditures Made from the Owner’s Contingency Fund for Safe, Warm and Dry Construction Project (REPORT H)
    16. Report on Expenditures Made from the Owner’s Contingency Fund for South Branch Renovation Project (REPORT I)
    17. Report on Expenditures Made from the Owner’s Contingency Fund for Eastman Reading Garden Improvements (REPORT J)
  6. Human Resources Committee Report (Mr. Hairston, Chair)
    1. Regular Employment Report (EXHIBIT 8)
    2. Resolution to Revise the Human Resources Manual (EXHIBIT 9)
    3. Report on Paid Sick Time (REPORT K)
    4. Employee Demographics (EEO4) Report (REPORT L)
    5. Insurance Summary Report (REPORT M)
  7. Community Services Committee Report (Mr. Corrigan, Chair)
    1. Monthly Activity Report (REPORT N)
    2. Building Status Update
    3. Advocacy Taskforce Update
    4. Foundation Update
    5. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Update
  8. Old Business
  9. New Business
  10. Director’s Report