Writers Unplugged with Cathryn Siegal Bergman

Welcome to another episode of Writers Unplugged. On this episode, Jen Jumba sits down with the brilliant mind behind Clevo Books, founder Cathryn Siegal-Bergman. In this captivating discussion, Cathryn takes us on a journey through her inspirations for translating books, sharing the magic of bringing diverse stories to life across languages and cultures.

Uncover her thoughts on the role of independent bookstores, the potential of emerging technologies, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Join us in imagining the continued growth of Clevo Books and the enduring power of stories in our ever-evolving world.

About Clevo Books Clevo Books, located in downtown Cleveland, is an independent bookstore that focuses on translated books in fiction and nonfiction. The majority of our book selections and different genres of books were originally written in different languages and then translated into English.

Some genres of books include: classical, modern, and children’s literature, science fiction, philosophy, history, right up to cozy mysteries and crime fiction books, and more.

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