Destigmatizing Mental Health in the Black Community | HUSH Screening and Panel Discussion with Author and Director Antwon Lindsey

Conversations around mental health are often hushed, buried beneath layers of stigma and misunderstanding. A groundbreaking documentary emerges to give voice to a community often overlooked: “HUSH | A Black Mental Health Documentary.” On Friday, February 23, at 5:30 p.m., Cleveland Public Library proudly hosts a special screening of this transformative film, followed by a panel discussion with its director, Antwon Lindsey.

“This screening isn’t just about watching a film; it’s about breaking through the silence and building healthy minds,” said Erica Marks, Senior Director of Outreach and Programming Services. “We want attendees fee empowered to become part of a movement that destigmatizes seeking help for mental health.”

Breaking the Silence

Attendees are encouraged to wear shades of pink, cognac, and white to the event as a way of gently showing in support. After the screening, attendees are encouraged to stay for a book signing and an impactful panel conversation with director Antwon Lindsey and local advocates discussing available resources and ways to support mental wellness and those struggling.


Antwon Lindsey


Film Director & Author 

Dr. Natalie M. Whitlow


Licensed Psychologist, Founder & Lead Psychologist at Our Village: A Service Organization, LLC.

Tyffani Monford Dent, Psy.D.


Behavioral Health Hospital

Dr. Shenise Johnson-Thomas


Cleveland Public Library Chief of External Relations & Development

About the Film

“HUSH” delves deep into the complexities of mental health within the Black community, unraveling the layers of silence and stigma that have shrouded these issues for far too long. Through intimate interviews, raw personal narratives, and poignant reflections, the film sheds light on the unique challenges faced by Black individuals in navigating mental health care systems, confronting societal expectations, and embracing healing and resilience.

About Antwon Lindsey

Born and raised in Liberty City, Miami, Antwon Lindsey has always loved literature and film. A firm believer in the saying, “Don’t allow your upbringing to dictate your future,” Antwon truly believes that – “The only person that can stop you from turning your dreams into a reality – is yourself.” His mother encouraged him to write and read, with whom he’d often spend time writing stories and remixing the lyrics to their favorite songs. Many people sometimes refer to Antwon as an author, filmmaker, visionary, and even an inspiration. Still, Antwon sees his life as just someone seeking to experience the limitless expression of our collective conscious existence.