January 16, 2024 Joint Finance & Human Resources Committee Meeting

Please be aware that all meetings of the Board of Library Trustees are open to in-person attendance by the public. Out of an abundance of care, all guests are also welcome to watch this month’s board meeting online via YouTube.

12:00 – Noon

If you can’t make it to the meeting, please use the “SUBMIT A COMMENT TO THE BOARD” link to send a public comment to the Board of Trustees. Your comments will be read at a designated time during the board meeting.

  1. FINANCE COMMITTEE (Mr. Corrigan, Chair)
    1. Resolution to Accept Gifts for the Month of December (EXHIBIT 1)
    2. Resolution to Authorize Payment of Fees to the CLEVNET Special Revenue Fund Covering the Period January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024 (EXHIBIT 2)
    3. Resolution Ratifying Agreements for Leased Vehicles with Enterprise FM Trust (EXHIBIT 3) 
    4. Resolution to Modify Terms of Donation from Cleveland Thermal (EXHIBIT 4)
    5. First Amendment to the Year 2024 Appropriation (EXHIBIT 5)
  2. HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE (Mr. Hairston, Chair)
    1. Regular Employment Report (EXHIBIT 6)
    2. Retirement Recognition Citation (EXHIBIT 7)