Securing Excellence | Renewing Executive Director & CEO, Felton Thomas, Jr.’s Legacy at Cleveland Public Library

Friends of Cleveland Public Library,

I am proud to announce that the Board of Trustees of Cleveland Public Library have unanimously approved a contract renewal for Executive Director and CEO, Felton Thomas, Jr. Director Thomas’ new, five-year contract will take effect January 1, 2024, through January 31, 2029.

The Board of Trustees hired Felton in 2009 from the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. During his tenure, Cleveland Public Library successfully passed two tax levy campaigns, celebrated its 150th anniversary and effectively weathered the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 global pandemic. During a time when an increasing number of libraries and schools are under fire across the country, my fellow trustees and I commend Director Thomas for his leadership.

His commitment to excellence is reflected in Cleveland Public Library’s reception of the prestigious “Five Star” rating by the Library Journal ten times. As the Library pursues its Facilities Master Plan and People’s University 2030 Strategic Plan, we are enthusiastic about retaining Felton’s exemplary leadership. We pledge to support, assist and empower Director Thomas in implementing his visionary ideas for the Cleveland Public Library’s future.

Please join me, and my fellow Trustees, in celebrating the continuation of Felton’s exemplary leadership. His strategic vision, coupled with his passion for community engagement and innovation, has not only positioned the Library as a beacon of knowledge but has empowered it to thrive.

Signed, Maritza Rodriguez, President, Cleveland Public Library Board of Trustees