Printing at the Library

Patrons must have a valid library card or valid state-issued photo ID in order to use TechCentral computers. When ready to print, the computer will prompt patron to enter username and password. The username is patron’s library card number, and the password is a four-digit code provided by a library staff member. Library staff may reset printing passwords provided proof of identity, such as a valid state-issued photo ID.

When you are ready to pick up your prints, simply scan your library card, or enter your username and password at any of our Multi-Function Devices, located behind the staff desk in the computer lab.

Patrons can queue multiple items to print.

Printing costs 10 cents per page for black and white prints, and 25 cents per page for color prints.

Mobile Printing at the Library

Cleveland Public Library provides innovative cloud printing technology for its patrons at TechCentral and across the library system. Cloud printing allows patrons to print remotely from personal laptop computers or mobile devices to any one of our library locations.

To get started, visit our print cloud site here and download the drivers or app that pertains to your operating system. Please see staff if you need any assistance downloading and installing the printing software on your device.

To queue a print job, simply find the print button on the screen and, when prompted, enter your library card number for your username, and your four-digit PIN for your password. Library staff may reset printing passwords provided in-person proof of identity, such as a valid government-issued photo ID.

Printing is 10 cents per black-and-white page, and 25 cents per color page.

Currently, Windows and Mac drivers are available. iOS is in beta, and Android is in development but not yet available.