Shelly Duncan

Portrait of the Artist

A native Eastsider, Beasley is a senior at Lincoln I am a full time photographer. I grew up in a small town with aspirations bigger than the 2.5 square mile radius of the town that sheltered me. There, creativity and storytelling became my saving grace. I spent my childhood summers creating stories in which I featured as the hero or, later in my teen years, as a spy walking the streets, determined to uncover the town’s secrets. Photography soon became my primary outlet for self expression. I am inspired by emotions, empathy, nature, film, ideas for short stories, travel and religion.

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“I moved to Cleveland a few years ago to pursue photography, and have fallen in love with the city and its people. I enjoyed being part of Cleveland 20/20, as I was forced to relinquish control over my surroundings, to capture moments genuinely and authentically. I hope to continue to capture my city moving forward, and inspire others to appreciate what surrounds us.”