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Jef Janis

Portrait of the Artist

Drawing was Janis’s first passion. Comic books and movies still influence his work. While attending John Hay High School, he was encouraged to use a camera to record subjects for his art. He attended the Cleveland Institute of Art as a photography major/film minor. Janis’s work has been published and exhibited throughout the region. With his wife, Janis ran a gallery, and now operates Shutter35 Studio. He teaches at the Cleveland Print Room and is an artist in residence at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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“What a wonderful experience it has been to work on Cleveland 20/20. Taking the time to revisit the streets and personalities of Cleveland gave me a new appreciation of my hometown. Spending time with student artists and my fellow peers, seeing things with new eyes, allowed for much personal growth. Cleveland is such a diverse melting pot. I believe we were able to capture it in all its glory. This project changed me and made me a stronger artist.”


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