Aja Grant


Aja Grant is a Cleveland-based photographer and educator. She studied psychology at Cleveland State University, which defined her interest in education and passion for exploring the human experience through art. She teaches instant photography and 35mm film classes at the Cleveland Print Room, and continues to make work around Cleveland, mainly at her studio space on Waterloo. She concentrates on portraiture and themes surrounding the black experience.

Visit the artist’s website: AjaJoiPhoto.com

“When I began this project, I wondered how exploring Cleveland would affect my relationships with those people whose stories deserve to be told. Cleveland shines in countless ways, with people making the best of their surroundings. I’ve always looked forward to doing new things in Cleveland. The city never disappoints in showing a new vibe; people with fresh ideas and vision, and a welcoming energy. Visiting La Placita, where I witnessed the free expression of Latinx culture, was one of several beautiful new experiences I never had growing up on the East Side. I met some Cleveland warriors who are determined to bring forth the best version of Cleveland possible. These are arguably the most significant individuals I met, who each try to positively influence others, challenging themselves to create art, teach classes, be supportive to others, and create safe spaces for their peers. In conclusion, this project made me even more grateful to be a part of this city and all it has to offer.”