Complimentary Menstrual Hygiene Products

Cleveland Public Library is proud to launch its Menstrual Equity initiative, making menstrual products free and accessible to library patrons in need. Menstrual Equity refers to the right for people who menstruate to have equal access to hygiene products. Available at all Library locations.

What is Menstrual Equity and Why Does it Matter?

Menstrual equity refers to the right for females, transgender and nonbinary people who menstruate to have equal access to hygiene products, and education about reproductive health. The inability to have access to menstrual products can cause physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Period poverty can also cause people to feel shame or embarrassment about their periods and force some people to miss out on school, work, and day to day activities.

The Women’s ERG (Talk on Tuesdays) of the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) believes that the Library can do its part in addressing period poverty, helping to eliminate menstrual inequities, by making menstrual products accessible to patrons in need.

About Talk on Tuesday

Talk on Tuesday strives to cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and encourages women and persons identifying as women to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, collaboration, education, and discussion.

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