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Business Insights (CPL Cardholders)

Business Insights provides access to a wide variety of global business information including competitive intelligence, career and investment opportunities, business rankings, company histories and much more.

Gale Reference Ebooks (formerly Gale Virtual Reference Library) – Covers 350 prominent individuals who have made significant contributions to business and industry. Profiles range from 1,250 to 2,500 words in length.

This is the industry’s most used business research database, providing the full text for more than 8,800 serials. Business Source Premier provides full text back to 1965 and searchable cited references back as far as 1998. Coverage includes virtually all subject areas related to business. This database is updated on a daily basis via EBSCOhost.

Unbiased, nonprofit think tank helping leaders navigate management issues with over 1,700 business management reports. Find information on U.S. and International economic and labor indicators, including consumer confidence.

The leading source of business news for Cleveland’s top executives and business owners. Access to Northeast Ohio’s breaking news, data & insights business influencers need. Users will need to create an account to link to the Cleveland Public Library Site License for access. serves consumers through unbiased product testing and ratings, research, journalism, public education, and advocacy. The website provides updates on product availability, and adds new products to previously-published test results. Research product reviews and review ratings on cars, appliances, electronics and more

Directory information for 11 million U.S. businesses and 120 million U.S. households. Search for businesses by SIC code, sales volume number of employees and more. Search for residence directory information by name, location or phone number.

Since its first publication in 1843, The Economist has presented timely reporting, concise commentary and comprehensive appraisal of global news every week. Because of its global perspective and economic and political analysis, it is highly regarded and heavily relied on by the world’s political and business leaders, opinion formers and decision makers. Researchers can compare economic trends across continents and centuries, cull cutting-edge ideas from the economic and political perspectives of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries and conduct credible research on notable historical events.

Gale Reference Ebooks – Designed to provide entrepreneurs with how-to information that they can apply to their own business. Contains 600 detailed articles and overviews of all the key information needs of small business owners, including financing, financial planning, business plan creation, market analysis, sales strategy, tax planning, and human resource issues.

This fully searchable electronic edition of the Financial Times — one of the best-known and most-respected newspapers in the world — offers the complete run of the London edition of the paper, from its first issue in 1888 to the end of 2010. Every article, advertisement and market listing is included and shown in the context of the full page and issue of the day. Every item in this online archive has been subject or topic categorized to permit fast retrieval and review of relevant articles, making this comprehensive research tool highly valuable to anyone studying the economic and business history and current affairs of the last 120 years.

Gale Reference Ebooks (previously Gale Virtual Reference Library) is a database of eReference titles that includes encyclopedias, almanacs, and specialized reference sources. This collection spans topics within the subject of business.

Kompass (CPL Cardholders)

Kompass is a business-to-business database that contains over 10.5 million company listings in 64 countries and over 12 million executive contacts, many including direct emails. Use more than 60 search criteria to target specific markets locally or globally.

Mergent Archives provides access to a vast, indexed collection of corporate and industry related documents covering more than 100 countries and industries. The extensive collection of corporate annual reports dates to the 1920s and offers researchers a firsthand look at the evolution of business the world over. Search by company name, date range, and document type. For U.S. companies, searches can also be limited by state and city. The D&B Million Dollar Directory is located under D&B Manuals.

Mergent Intellect (formerly D&B: Million Dollar Database) (CPL Cardholders)
Use this database to obtain marketing leads and company profiles for over 70 million companies in the United States; contact information on over 210 million North American Consumers; Demographics by zip code, MSA or industry; and a Job Search which includes over 20 million employers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Market Atlas provides tools for both interactive online research and easy predefined report access. These tools and reports are reflected across multiple product modules including Company, Sustainability, Industry, Country and Economic analysis.

The Market Atlas database of corporate information covering over 50,000 US and foreign public companies, current and historical (past 15 years) firm descriptions, statistics, financial information and ratios, annual reports, mergers, acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures, long-term debt, capital stock, and insider trading .

Mergent Online (CPL Cardholders)

Mergent Market Atlas has replaced Mergent Online; Mergent Online will be discontinued in August 2024.With the utility of FIS Online, Mergent/Moody’s provides in-depth analysis, financial data and histories, and filings of U.S. and International public companies,bond and dividend information. Access to a fully searchable database of more than 10,000 NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq exchange companies, including all real-time (and archived to 1993) EDGAR (SEC) filings.

Morningstar Investment Research Center provides independent, in-depth research and recommendations on 11,000 stocks, 24,000 mutual funds, and 950 exchange traded funds. The format is user-friendly and includes an investment education section.

This database provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications. Regional Business News incorporates coverage of 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires from all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. This database is updated on a daily basis.

This online version of the popular SRDS publications includes Business Media Advertising Source,™ Consumer Media Advertising Source,™ Newspaper Advertising Source® and TV and Cable Source.® The database provides comprehensive planning data on U.S. print magazines, newspapers, direct marketing lists, websites and broadcast and cable advertising opportunities.

Industry and company analysis and investment rankings including Equity Research (formerly Stock Reports) and the Outlook investment newsletter. Stock price history charts and executive biographies also provided. Screening tools to find companies and create lists from a global universe of over 3 million private companies and 250,000 public companies.

SAMS contains original technical manuals for a wide range of consumer products back to 1946. Use it for instructions and illustrations in repairing specific brands and models of radios, VCRs, cameras, clocks, etc.

A comprehensive database that covers aspects of starting and operating a business, including accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing, tax, and more. It combines authoritative periodical and reference content to support prospective and current entrepreneurs as well as business students.

Statistical Insight (CPL Cardholders)

Statistical Insight provides access to statistics produced by the U.S. government, major international intergovernmental organizations, professional and trade organizations, commercial publishers, independent research organizations, state government agencies, and universities. The database consists of three components: 1) the Base Edition table collection, which includes over 30,000 individually indexed statistical tables with major statistical compilations issued by Federal agencies, the states, and IGOS; 2) theResearch Edition table collection, which integrates over 100,000 additional indexed tables designed for advance research and includes data for geographic areas and industries from government and private-sector sources; 3) the Statistical Abstract and Index modules, which provide access to three CIS indexes: American Statistics Index (ASI), Statistical Reference Index (SRI), and Index to International Statistics (IIS).

Wall Street Journal (CPL Cardholders)

The Wall Street Journal offers in-depth coverage of national and international news with a strong business and financial perspective. Full text of articles covering 1984 to present.

Weiss Ratings provides unbiased ratings and research, empowering investors to achieve the best profits and safety. Ratings are available for banks, credit unions, insurance companies, stocks, mutual funds and more.