Purchase Orders

We welcome business offers from all local, regional and national vendors. To be best prepared to submit a bid or proposal to CPL please consider the following.

Purchases under $10,000

To build relationships and grow/expand diverse business partnerships, all purchases of supplies of $10,000 or less will be offered to diverse vendors only. All departments will be required to identify and select a diverse vendor providing supplies at this purchase level unless the items are unique, proprietary, available only from a sole source, or there are no diverse vendors available to provide the supplies needed in a timely fashion or at a reasonable price. Departments will be encouraged to seek out diverse vendors for purchased or contracted services, library materials or capital outlay in the amount of $10,000 or less.

Purchases over $10,000

Purchased or contracted services, library materials or capital outlay required by departments that are over $10,000 will be offered to any qualified vendor. Three quotes, however, will be required (subject to exceptions for sole source, proprietary or unique goods or services) with the requirement that at least one of the quotes come from a diverse vendor. If the diverse vendor is within 10% of the lowest submitted bid, the diverse vendor will be selected. Note: Professional Services are an exception to this requirement.