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2nd Floor
325 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

Manager: Amy Dawson

About the Department
With well over 500,000 volumes, the Literature Department’s collection presents a wide spectrum of the world’s classic and contemporary fiction, poetry, and plays. The collection features both popular and scholarly works in a variety of subjects including cinema, radio and television, drama and theatre, writing and journalism, humor and public speaking. The department’s holdings include a significant collection of research materials pertaining to local theater as well as Cleveland area authors in all genres. The department also houses a growing collection of graphic novels and comics-related materials.

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The Collection
World Literature and Criticism: Literary history, biography, criticism, essays, and literary anthologies. Significant emphasis on African-American authors. Editions, translations, and analysis of the works of ancient Greek and Latin.

Fiction: All genres and time periods, classic works for students and reading groups, and large print titles.
Poetry: Works of individual poets, anthologies, and books on writing and understanding poetry.

Drama and Theater: Books on acting, directing, producing, puppetry, stage makeup, theatrical history, and theory and criticism. Files on local theater history, a significant collection of local theater playbills, and the Musicarnival Archives—primary source material from one of the first tent theaters in the United States
Film: Film, filmmaking, film criticism and the motion picture industry.

Television and Radio: Individual television shows and old-time radio programs.

Writing and Publishing: Directories of publishers; how-to books on writing and editing, and much more for aspiring writers.

Comics and Graphic Novels: Graphic novels, manga, and anthologies of comics and books about the medium. An extensive selection with more than 7,000 volumes that spans many genres and time periods.

Grammar and Usage: Dictionaries, composition, vocabulary, etymology, and dialect study. Instructional texts for the languages of Western classical civilizations and constructed languages like Klingon and Esperanto.

Library and Information Science: Theory and practice of library and information science. Includes materials on the issue of censorship.
Journalism and Broadcasting: Biographies of journalists and publishers and the craft of journalism.

Public Speaking: Instruction and collections of speeches by famous orators.

Humor and Trivia: Joke books and collections of humorous essays, anecdotes for use in public speaking.

Printing, Typography and Desktop Publishing: The history of printing, typography, and calligraphy. Tutorials for software programs for desktop publishing and word processing.