Storytime: The Sad Little Fact and Hat On Hat Off read by WKYC’s Maureen Kyle

It’s Tuesday morning Storytime! Today, Maureen Kyle is reading The Sad Little Fact and Hat On, Hat Off. Pull up a spot on the carpet as we read to your little one!

Gather around for WKYC Story Time! Today, Maureen Kyle is reading “The Sad Little Fact” and “Hat On Hat Off”. Please join us as we read from the Cleveland Public Library collection.

Posted by WKYC Channel 3 – Cleveland on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Sad Little Fact by Jonah Winter

A New York Times bestselling author and the #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator of The Good Egg deliver a perfectly timed, funny read-aloud about the importance of telling the truth.

There once was a fact who could not lie.

But no one believed him.

When the Authorities lock the sad little fact away, along with other facts, the world goes dark. But facts are stubborn things. With the help of a few skillful fact finders, they make a daring escape and bring truth back to brighten the world. Because after all, “a fact is a fact” and that’s that!

Truth be told, this spare, ingenious story reads like a modern-day parable. Bestselling author, Jonah Winter, and the #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator of The Good Egg , Pete Oswald, pair together to remind us of the importance of honesty and truth during a time of lies and fake news.

Hat on, Hat off by Theo Heras

Baby is getting dressed to go out. But as often as his big sister adds a new piece of clothing, he tosses his hat aside.

It’s time for this little one to go out. But which hat will he choose? Red hat, blue hat, striped hat, penguin hat, teddy bear hat? Once that decision is made, that hat just doesn’t stay on, while shoes are tied and jacket is buttoned. One more visit to the potty. And once this child is in the stroller at last, will that hat be on his head?

Toddlers will delight in choosing their own hats after they see this charming story. A simple, rhythmic text that reflects the everyday challenge of getting a toddler ready to go out. Written by Theo Heras and Illustrated with gentle humor by Renné Benoit.

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