Storytime: Pete The: Cat I Love My White Shoes and Just Like Mama read by WKYC’s Maureen Kyle

It’s WKYC Story Time again! Maureen Kyle is reading to your kids. Today’s books: Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin and Just Like Mama by Alice Faye Duncan.

It’s the perfect day for Storytime! Get cozy while Maureen Kyle reads Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes and Just Like Mama from the Cleveland Public Library collection. And please excuse the singing….

Posted by WKYC Channel 3 – Cleveland on Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin

Don’t miss the first and bestselling book in the beloved Pete the Cat series!

Pete the Cat goes walking down the street wearing his brand-new white shoes. Along the way, his shoes change from white to red to blue to brown to WET as he steps in piles of strawberries, blueberries, and other big messes!

But no matter what color his shoes are, Pete keeps movin’ and groovin’ and singing his song…because it’s all good. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes asks the reader questions about the colors of different foods and objects–kids love to interact with the story.

The fun never stops–download the free groovin’ song.

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Just Like Mama by Alice Faye Duncan

Celebrate the heart connection between adopted children and the forever families who welcome them with kindness, care, and unconditional love in this powerful picture book from the author of Honey Baby Sugar Child .

Carol Olivia Clementine lives with Mama Rose. Mama Rose is everything–tender and sweet. She is also as stern and demanding as any good parent should be. In the midst of their happy home, Carol misses her mother and father. She longs to be with them. But until that time comes around, she learns to surrender to the love that is present. Mama Rose becomes her “home.” And Carol Olivia Clementine concludes that she loves Miss Rose, “just like a mama.”

This sweet read-aloud is, on the surface, all about the everyday home life a caregiver creates for a young child: she teachers Clementine how to ride a bike, clean her room, tell time. A deeper look reveals the patience, intention, and care little ones receives in the arms of a mother whose blood is not her blood, but whose bond is so deep–and so unconditional–that it creates the most perfect condition for a child to feel safe, successful, and deeply loved.

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