Storytime: Monsters Top Line Dance Team read Pup and Bear by Kate Banks

Time to tuck the tykes in bed? Rebecca from the Monsters Top Line Dance Team is back with another storytime for your little ones! Listen to Pup and Bear by Kate Banks. ?

Time for a story! Rebecca from the Monsters Top Line Dance Team is back to read Pup and Bear by Kate Banks. ? Thanks for the suggestion, Cleveland Public Library!

Posted by Cleveland Monsters on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

About Pup and Bear

This deeply emotional read-aloud about a lost wolf pup who is raised by a loving polar bear is sure to resonate with families – particularly non-traditional ones.

You are not my mother, said the wolf pup.
I am not your mother, said the polar bear, but I can cuddle you and keep you safe.

Here is a picture book that celebrates differences and promotes kindness, sure to resonate with the many fans of the beloved classic, Mama Do You Love Me? During the ice melt that follows an Arctic winter, a wolf cub finds himself spinning out to sea on a sheet of ice. He awakes lost and alone to an unfamiliar smell: a polar bear. And while the polar bear is not the wolf’s mother, she takes him on her back to her den, where she feeds him, keeps him warm, and does everything a mother would do. Time passes, the cub grows into a wolf, and soon it’s time for him to venture out into the wide world alone. Years later, the now grown wolf comes upon a tiny lost polar bear cub–and the cycle begins again. With poetic prose, this beautiful picture book about the love and kindness of a stranger is sure to touch a deep chord, particularly with parents and children who have found each other in unexpected ways.