Storytime: Best Day Ever by Michael Armstrong

What’s the best toy ever? Your imagination! And that’s why we chose Best Day Ever for today’s #CPLStorytime! A special thank you to Cleveland author Michael Armstrong for reading his book to us!

About Best Day Ever

It’s the last day of summer vacation and William–a little boy who loves order and schedules–has just one thing left to accomplish: have the most fun ever. He’s even created a fun-o-meter to help him achieve his goals. But nothing he does seems special enough. Even worse, William’s fanciful next-door neighbor, Anna, keeps interrupting his plans with increasingly outlandish suggestions–like trampoline bouncing to the moon to find dinosaur bones or riding talking seahorses to an underwater castle. Can these two seemingly different kids find a way to have the best day together . . . and maybe become friends, too? This charming picture book about a child who always follow the rules is a must-read for kids and parents in need of a funny, gentle reminder to get creative and let their imaginations run wild.