Social Media Influencer LGD Toolkit

Hello, Cleveland Influencers!

April 3, 2024 is Library Giving Day. This is one special day a year when library lovers unite to raise awareness and financial support for Cleveland Public Library on social media.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 in one day to support the amazing programs and transformative work of Cleveland Public Library in our neighborhoods.

We are so thankful that you have agreed to share the reasons why you love CPL on your social media profiles. You can reach people we can’t, and we are profoundly grateful that you are willing to leverage your influence on our behalf.

On this page you will find links, hashtags and suggestions for content.


For those of you who are comfortable with social media, here is all you need to know (for the rest of us, read on to the next section):

  • Link to the CPL Foundation
  • Hashtags: #myCPLstory #LibraryGivingDay #ClevelandPublicLibrary
  • Tag @ClevelandPublicLibrary

Step by Step

Here you will find step by step instructions to share your #myCPLstory on social media and some sample posts for inspiration.

If you have any questions, call Melanie: 216-623-6903, or shoot her an email:

1. Which social media platform do you use?

If you use all these platforms and can post to all of them, then thank you! If not, you’ll see that the process for LinkedIn, Facebook and X is all fairly similar. The exceptions are enumerated below.

2. Prepare Your Post: All Platforms

Write Your Story:

How has the library has made your life, or the life of someone you know, better?

The goal is to motivate people to make a gift to CPL in support of our work in the community, so tell a story that you think will motivate your network to give.

Keep your story short, sweet, clear and motivational. Heartfelt or funny, the content is up to your discretion.

Prepare your Call-to-Action

At the end of your post, invite your network to support the library. Here is some sample text:

“…that is why I support Cleveland Public Library, and you should too. Follow the link to make a donation.

“Please consider supporting the work Cleveland Public Library is doing in our community. Use the link to make a gift.

“Cleveland Public Library needs your support. Click the link to give to their work.

Capture Your Image:

Take a picture of something at the library to illustrate your story. Make sure you ask their permission before including a picture of someone else, but otherwise, have at it! You can take a “shelfie” (yes, that is a selfie in front of a bookshelf), or a detail of your favorite study carrell, or your first library card, or something you made at TechCentral. Have fun!

Alternatively, make a Reel: A Reel is a short video (in portrait mode) on Instagram or Facebook, usually between 30-90 seconds long. Using a reel, you can tell your story in your own voice from a location that is special to you.

3. Procedure

For LinkedIn, Facebook, and X:

  1. Upload your image/Reel onto the platform
  2. For images, be sure to add alternative text.
  3. Write (and proofread) the text of your post.
  4. Add hashtags : #myCPLstory, #LibraryGivingDay#ClevelandPublicLibrary
  5. Tag the library or set the library as your location
  6. Include your Call-to-Action
  7. Cut and paste this link:
  8. Save and publish your post
  9. Bravo! You did it! Thank you!

For Instagram (includes an extra step):

  1. Upload your image onto the platform
  2. For Images, be sure to add alternative text.
  3. Write (and proofread) the text of your post.
  4. Add hashtags : #myCPLstory, #LibraryGivingDay#ClevelandPublicLibrary
  5. Tag the library or set the library as your location
  6. Include your call to action with the following text: “See my stories for a link to donate”
  7. Save and publish your post
  8. Share your post to your stories and insert a link (the third icon, the one with the sticker with a smiley face. In the search box type “Link” and select the “Link” icon
  9. Copy and paste this link: into the URL box
  10. Click the plus sign below the URL where it says “Customize sticker text” and type “Donate” or “Support CPL”
  11. Post your Story
  12. Bravo, you did it!! Thank you!

For TikTok

Let’s be real: if you’re on TikTok, you really don’t need our help. Do your thing.


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A screenshot of an Instagram social media post
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