Refresh the Soul by Sequoia Bostick


Artist Sequoia Bostick standing in front of her mural, imitating the mural.
Photo © Bob Perkoski,

My illustrations are based on how color and imagery affect mood. I put a lot of thought into color theory for that reason. I create illustrations that focus on women of color thriving in plant life and other natural elements. I view this as a form of therapy since taking care of plants is something that makes me happy. My hope is to convey this happiness to my viewers. The piece “Refresh the Soul” features a being enjoying the freshness of the rain. Her garment is made out of plant matter that has become quite lively due to the rain’s healing effects. She is being arched by hope represented by the rainbow. This piece is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s style.


Sequoia Bostick is an Illustrator, maker, and designer living in Cleveland, Ohio. After earning her BFA in Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2014, she pursued a career as a resident teaching artist. She works with local youth to grow their visual art skills while growing her own artistic practice. She is a project-oriented artist and loves working with others on large assignments.


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