Pam Eyerdam: How the Library Supports Artists

Pam Eyerdam (blond haired woman) standing at a table, looking at large art prints in the Special Collections Department.“Cleveland Public Library has a longstanding tradition of supporting and working with artists in the region. In fact, the Library has supported public art since before 1900—and not just in the Main Library, but in the branches, too. Over the years, renowned artists from the area have donated artwork that holds an important place in Cleveland history and often reflects their community’s ethnic heritage. Curators use our Fine Arts collection for research, artists come to the Library for inspiration, and we offer bibliographic instruction classes to university students. And of course we partner with LAND Studio and the Lockwood Thompson Foundation to bring public art to the Eastman Reading Garden every year. There’s always anticipation to see what we’ll come up with next.” –Pam Eyerdam, Manager, Fine Arts and Special Collections