brooklyn3706 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109
Phone: 216-623-6920

Monday 10:00-7:00
Tuesday 10:00-7:00
Wednesday 10:00-6:00
Thursday 10:00-7:00
Friday 10:00-6:00
Saturday 10:00-6:00
Sunday Closed

Manager: R. Antonucci

The Brooklyn Branch offers free wifi and public computers with Internet access. Printing, copying, scanning, and faxing services are available for a fee.

History & Architecture
The Brooklyn Branch, a Carnegie library building, has been in continuous use since 1919. Located in the historic Brooklyn Centre neighborhood and across from Riverside Cemetery, Brooklyn’s 5,900-square-foot facility is open to a culturally and ethnically diverse community.

As a supervising architect and building inspector for Cleveland Public Library, renowned architect and artist Ora Coltman drew plans and supervised the construction of three libraries, including Brooklyn Branch. This branch library is an example of a convertible-type building: it is constructed of plain brick, it is semi-fireproof, and it features factory-type sky lights. These features would allow the building to be leased for light industrial use in the event it was no longer used as a library branch. The facility was remodeled in 1985.

Special Features
Notable pieces in Brooklyn’s art collection include: Thistle by Thelma Frazier Winter, enamel on copper, 1966; and Neighborhood by Clarence E. Van Duzer, metal wall sculpture, 1985.