Healthy Collections


The Seed Library

In collaboration with the Cleveland Seed Bank, the Seed Library allows you to “check out” a packet of heirloom seeds, grow your own heritage vegetables or flowers, save seeds from the best plants, and then lend them to a friend or neighbor, participate in a “seed swap,” or use them yourself next year.


Dazzling array of ethnic, local interest, and specialty cookbooks. Collection of Florence LaGanke Harris, home economics editor of the Plain Dealer and food editor of the Cleveland Press.


Flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, houseplants, fruit, herbs. Garden design, landscape design, and organic gardening. How-to’s for the homesteader, the tree farmer, or the worm rancher. Pest control techniques.

Health and Medicine

An extensive collection of books on health, medicine, wellness, diet, and exercise including materials for the medical professional and test preparation for medical studies.