Reimagining Woodland Branch


The Cleveland Public Library Woodland Branch was built in 1961 with an addition and partial renovation in 2010. The branch is located at 5806 Woodland Avenue on the city’s near east side. It is located between East 55th Street and East 61st Street with the main entry off of Woodland. Parking is located east of the branch with a service wing to the south. The library site includes the building, parking and some minimal landscaping at the street edge. The original library is a single-story building of 15,500 sf including a full basement that isn’t currently used. This main building includes meeting rooms, collections, reading areas, a computer area, and a children’s reading area. Behind the library building there is a service wing including a service garage and a final addition housing the library’s mobile services group that was built as an addition in 2010. The service wing totals an additional 13,500 sf on one floor.


Aerial View of Woodland

Branch Statistics

Location: 5806 Woodland Ave
Year Constructed: 1961 (partial renovation 2010)
Size: 15,500 sf
Parking: 28 spaces

Steering Committee

Jane Doe, Joe Doe, Mo Doe, Les Doe

Image: Aerial View Woodland Branch


Outreach Summary

The Woodland Branch is a generic mid-century institutional building, but patrons generally liked the stability of its presence in their neighborhood. A front “facelift” to the façade and the front lawn landscaping could help refresh the exterior and invite new residents inside. The attached garage and surrounding land are generous, and patrons were enthusiastic about potential programs which utilized the grounds for gardening, vehicle maintenance, and cut-through pathways. On the interior, private study rooms were a popular idea for improvements; lighting, finishes, and furnishings all need updating.

Primary Community Needs

  • Add attractive façade element(s) to create brighter & more inviting Woodland entrance
  • Expand children’s’ area to include more area for reading, socializing, books, and technology
  • Create quiet study/reading areas in the former office space in southern portion of building
  • Add more abundant & comfortable furniture for reading/studying
  • Investigate potential use of garage and wood shop space for classes
  • Create more attractive landscaping in front lawn of building
  • Create enclosed reading garden in open space at rear of building
  • Lit/digital sign in front of branch showing events, programs, classes for passing drivers
  • Enhance crosswalk in front of branch building (Woodland Ave & E 59th St)
  • Better define connections to transit and neighborhood assets through lighting, pathways, etc.
  • Provide drawing/art classes for youth & adults
  • Advertise library events and classes more broadly
  • Host more cultural activities events at branch
  • Outreach more to local seniors

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