Reimagining Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch


The Cleveland Public Library Martin Luther King Jr. Branch was built in 1903 and is located at 1962 Stokes Boulevard on the city’s east side. It is located at the intersection of Stokes Boulevard and Reserve Court with the main entry off Stokes accessed from the sidewalk. Parking is located west of the branch with entry off of Stokes Boulevard and Reserve Court. A second building entry is located off the parking lot. The library site includes the building and a small landscaped area to the west of the building. The single-story building is 18,200 sf with a meeting room, collections, reading areas, a gallery, a computer area, and a teen tech room. The building is clad in brown brick with a flat roof on the majority of the building.

Current State

This branch is located at the confluence of four distinct neighborhoods and provides the library a unique opportunity to embrace and unify their diverse populations. With the fast-paced development occurring in the area it was determined that this community would be best served by a new facility that will maximize its access and visibility on Euclid while serving as a building block for development in the area.


Branch Statistics

Current Location: 1962 Stoke Blvd.
Future Location: 10510 Euclid Ave
Year Constructed: 1970
68 spaces

Steering Committee

Jane Doe, Joe Doe, Mo Doe, Les Doe

Image: Aerial View of Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch


Future Vision

Design is currently underway on a new MLK branch, which will be the library’s first new building in over a decade. As part of the plan for a large mixed-use project, with residential towers to be built above it, the MLK Branch must preserve its singular identity and presence in the community while maintaining synergy with the surrounding development. Upon its completion this will be an iconic building that will serve as one of the system’s Regional Anchors.

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