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The Cleveland Public Library Jefferson Branch was built in 1918 and is located at 850 Jefferson Avenue on the city’s south side. It is located between Professor Avenue and Tremont Avenue along Jefferson Avenue with the main entry off Jefferson accessed from the sidewalk. Parking is located east of the branch with entry on Jefferson Avenue. The library site includes the building and a small rain garden east of the building. The single-story building is 6,900sf with a meeting room, collections, reading areas, a computer area, and a children’s reading area. The building is clad in red brick with a flat roof and sawtooth skylights on the majority of the building.


Aerial View of Jefferson Branch

Branch Statistics

Location: 850 Jefferson Ave
Year Constructed: 1918 (renovated 1982)
Size: 6,900 sf
Parking: 14 spaces

Steering Committee

Jane Doe, Joe Doe, Mo Doe, Les Doe

Image: Aerial View of Jefferson Branch

Outreach Summary

Jefferson Branch is a well-situated and well-liked historic branch in the heart of historic Tremont. However, the branch is too small to serve its patrons, particularly after school when any and all space is filled with kids. Back yard space + some land adjacent to the existing parking lot may allow for a small modern expansion; this idea, in conjunction with reconfiguring the interior to allow for more flexibility, was well-supported by meeting attendees. Providing amenities like coworking space, a laptop bar, flexible technology, and fabrication tools/software could also help draw in local community members who currently frequent the neighborhood’s coffee shops for workspaces. Consider collaborating more with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists, as well as staying open later for community meetings and Walkabout Tremont nights.

Primary Community Needs

  • Later evening access, especially to meeting room(s) for community use
  • Quiet work space(s), especially after school
  • Flexible co-working space for local entrepreneurs
  • Add color & art in interior
  • Better lighting throughout – overhead, task lighting
  • Maker space, technology classes
  • Replace some of the dedicated computer desktops with more flexible technology to open up floor area
  • Explore addition & reconfiguration to allow for meeting room access
  • Front yard area for seating, dogs, landscaping
  • Consider staying open for Walkabout Tremont (Fridays) until 8:00pm, treat as an Open House to invite community in and advertise resources
  • Walking group connecting to Towpath (tie in to book club)

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