The following branches will be closed Tuesday, November 3, to serve as polling locations:
Eastman, Fulton, MLK Jr, Lorain, Langston Hughes, and Rice

Finance Committee Meeting

April 17, 2018

Trustees Room          Louis Stokes Wing

12:00 Noon


  1. FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING (Mr. Seifullah, Chair)
  1. Third Amendment to the Year 2018 Appropriation
  1. Resolution to Renew the Maintenance Agreement with Tyler Technologies, Inc. for the Support and to Update Licensing of the Munis ERP System
  1. Resolution for Approval of U.S. Bank for Custodial Services
  1. Resolution to Approve the Use of Lockwood Thompson Endowment Funds for International Travel
  1. Resolution to Advance Cash from the General Fund to the Tech Centers Fund
  1. Resolution Accepting Bid and Awarding Contract for Lakeshore Facility Roof Replacement Project