Author Cathy O’Neil to discuss how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy. Saturday, September 26
Martin Luther King, Jr. Branch will be closed Tuesday, September 29 due to the Presidential debate.

Finance Committee Meeting

January 18, 2018

Trustees Room          Louis Stokes Wing

12:00 Noon


  1. FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING (Mr. Seifullah, Chair)
  1. Resolution Regarding December 31, 2017 General Fund Balance
  1. First Amendment to the Year 2018 Appropriation
  1. Resolution to Ratify Agreement for Purchase of Electricity
  1. Resolution to Accept Gift from the Jean Z. Piety Trust
  1. Resolution to Engage Synchonicity Consulting, LLC for Strategic Planning Services
  1. Resolution Declaring Official Intent Under U.S. Treasury Regulations With Respect to Reimbursements from Note and Bond Proceeds of Temporary Advances Made for Original Expenditures Prior to Issuance
  1. Resolution Approving Increased Construction Budget and Guaranteed Maximum Price Amendment to Agreement with Albert M. Higley Co. for South Branch Renovation Project
  1. Resolution to Enter Into an Agreement with Business Smarts for Hardware Maintenance