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Finance Committee Meeting

April 16, 2019

Trustees Room          Louis Stokes Wing

12:00 Noon


  1. FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING (Mr. Seifullah, Chair)
  1. Third Amendment to the Year 2019 Appropriation
  1. Resolution Revising the Library’s Investment Policy
  1. Resolution to Renew the Maintenance Agreement with Tyler Technologies, Inc. for the Support and to Update Licensing of the Munis ERP System
  1. Resolution Amending Resolution to Engage L.A.N.D. Studio Inc. to Organize 2019 See Also Program
  1. Resolution Authorizing Agreements for Entertainment and Vendors for 2019 Street Fest
  1. Resolution Selecting Underwriting Team for Issuance of PLF Notes
  1. Resolution Approving Group 1 of Facilities Master Plan
  1. Resolution Declaring Official Intent Under U.S. Treasury Regulations with Respect to Reimbursements from PLF Note Proceeds