CPL Play

Welcome to CPL Play - Celebrating Games Culture

Welcome to CPL Play, everyone is a gamer. celebrate gaming for a diverse and inclusive audience where you are valued because of what you bring to the table. Discover the celebration of games culture, first-hand, in-person and online. Join our community, you’ll experience new and different technologies, explore the art and design of video games, and connect with others all while discovering more about what makes playing games so special.

Check out CPL PLAY Online on Twitch.Tv:

Play @ Night: 5PM – 8PM

January14, 28
February11, 25
March11, 25
April8, 22
May6, 20
June3, 17
July1, 15, 29
August12. 26
September9, 23
October7, 21
November4, 18

Play @ Day: 12PM – 2PM

January6, 20
February3, 17
March3, 17
April14, 28
May12, 26
June9, 23
July7, 21
August4, 18
September1, 15, 29
October13, 27

Contact gaming@cpl.org with questions and for more info.

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