Adam Jaenke

Adam Jaenke is a thirty-six-year-old photographer who resides in Cleveland. A life-long participant and appreciator of the arts, Adam was encouraged to pursue the arts through the culture surrounding skateboarding, music, and movies. Concentrating on illustration and design through his secondary education, he shifted his creative energy toward photography while studying for his undergraduate degree in London. Since 2006, Adam has photographed his travels and experiences in Cleveland and beyond, with a focus on the idiosyncrasies of urban and rural life. Adam currently works for Cleveland Public Library’s Center for Local and Global History. He produces his own DIY small-format zine, Battered Feet Magazine, and, in 2017, held his first solo exhibition, Existential Pearls: A Photographic Record 2009-2017 at Canopy Collective Gallery in Ohio City.

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“My work conveys a fondness and appreciation for what I consider the existential pearls of everyday life–the not-so-obvious people, places and things that are part and parcel of the fabric of our society. My work is not political, ideological, or social in its context-—it is philosophical. It is a photographic reminder of the beauty in every waking moment; but sometimes some digging is necessary. It is a documentation of reality, while also embracing the almost dream-like essence of our city. My hope for the viewer is to see through the static of an otherwise imperfect world, take notice of what surrounds us, and to fall in love with every hand-painted sign, alleyway, and street corner, just as I have.”