Da'Shaunae Jackson

Da’Shaunae Marisa is a freelance documentary, editorial and commercial photographer based in Cleveland. She also creates public art in the Greater Cleveland area. Her weekends are spent teaching middle school and high school students digital and film photography in partnership with the Cleveland Print Room. She is also a proud vegan who lives with her cat Nora.

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“Cleveland 20/20 allowed me to rediscover my hometown. I was able to freely explore every nook and cranny I stumbled upon. I had a general plan of neighborhoods to explore but, within the sub communities, I discovered even more. I have been able to witness the smaller subcultures that Cleveland supports–the artists, skaters, hippies, bikers and so many other cultures I did not know of before starting this project. The city is very much alive; its citizens are filled with so much pride. A great number of individuals who appear in this body of work asked me to take their photograph. They made it easy for me. They invited me into their world with little question. I am amazed when a stranger allows me to photograph their likeness. It certainly takes an unspoken level of trust. I am pleased with the amount of people whose trust I have gained over the year. My role is to document an accurate depiction of my city, nothing more or less.”