Félix Látimer

Camera (image of artist coming soon)

I am one of the youth photographers working on the Cleveland 20/20 project. I am a young artist interested in many different visual arts. In photography, landscapes and animals are my favorite subjects. I was given great opportunities to grow as an artist and as a person through my school experiences, including my 9-10th grade art teacher, Dina Hoeynck, my high school, Lincoln West School of Global Studies, and the Cleveland Print Room. I have met many local artists and participated in local art events including Rooms To Let, Hear Our Voices, moCa, Ingenuity Fest, Doors to my Barrio, and a Seat at the Table.


“Besides my interest in art, this project was brilliant due to the youth engagement and community participation component. Community development, community groups, and community diversification are all things I have tried to play a role in the last four years. The mission of Cleveland 20/20, to capture the atmosphere and makeup of Cleveland, unified all my interests of art and community. I had a fantastic experience going to local events and neighborhoods and meeting fellow Clevelanders.”