Hadley K. Conner


Hadley K Conner is a Cleveland-based artist, musician and educator. She holds a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and a MAAE from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Working exclusively with film and traditional photographic materials, she has exhibited both locally and regionally for over twenty-five years, including at Worthington Yards, Roy G Biv Gallery, Cleveland Print Room, Lakeland Community College Gallery, Cleveland Institute of Art and Bay Arts Gallery.

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““It was an honor to be selected to work on this project. While some of my personal work has its roots in street photography, I don’t traditionally work in a documentary style so this project was challenging on a number of levels. It was quite daunting to consider the scope of this project and determine what to shoot. I found myself venturing out beyond the familiar to photograph people, places and events that I felt were part of the city, but lacked representation. I have lived in Cleveland most of my life, yet found myself exploring the city that I thought I knew well. I attended festivals and community events that were new to me and discovered more about the Cleveland community as a whole. As the city continues to unfold, my list of subjects continues to grow. The more I learn about my city the more I realize I need to investigate, and more importantly, to document, before this project comes to a close.”