Computer Class Descriptions

Computer Basics

Computer Basics: The Mouse and Keyboard

Learn all mouse and keyboard techniques by completing a wide variety of meaningful, everyday computer tasks. Begin class learning how best to hold the mouse; leave class being well on your way to clicking and typing with speed and confidence.

Computer Basics: A Beginner’s Introduction

This class teaches the student commonly used Personal Computer functions ranging from how to turn the computer on and off, up to navigating the windows operating system.  It also explains how to start basic windows programs such as Word, Paint and a Web Browser.

Computer Basics: Organizing Computer Files

Can’t keep track of your files? Take this class and we’ll teach you best practices for saving and finding files to help you organize your computer.

Internet Basics

This is an introduction to the World Wide Web and using a Web browser to find information.

Search the Web

Learn how to use search engines like Google to find information.


Email Basics I

Set up your own email account and learn to send and receive email messages.

Email Basics II

Learn to organize your email messages, create contacts and explore further what email has to offer.

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 I

Learn how to enter and edit text and open, save and print a Word document.

Microsoft Word 2010 II

Create tabs and bullets; format text and paragraphs.

Microsoft Word 2010 III

Create and edit tables. Add text, format and sort data.

Microsoft Word 2010 IV

Add headers and footers to documents; insert hyperlinks, citations and save templates.

Mail Merge

Learn how to print on envelopes and labels using mail merge.

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 I

Learn how to enter and edit data and perform simple tasks.

Microsoft Excel 2010 II

Learn to format and change the appearance of data and your worksheets; use sorting & filtering and find & replace.

Microsoft Excel 2010 III

Learn how to create calculations in your worksheet.

Microsoft Excel 2010 IV

Learn how to create Pivot Charts/Tables, Slicers, & Macros and how to use conditional formatting.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Supplement

Learn how to create macros and use templates.

Microsoft Office Graphics 2010

Microsoft Office Graphics

Use Microsoft Word to learn how to insert and edit pictures, ClipArt, shapes, text boxes, SmartArt, and WordArt.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 I

Learn how to create a computer-based slide presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 II

Learn how to add graphics, transitions, and animations.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 I

This is an overview of the tools and elements in Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 II

Learn how to use templates to create and design publications like a simple flyer, business card, or newsletter.


Buying and Selling on the Internet

Learn the ins and outs of buying and selling merchandise from online auctions such as eBay, Craigslist, and

Cover Letters

Learn tips and tools on writing an effective cover letter.

CPL 101

An enormous collection of materials–books, movies and much, much more–is at your fingertips. Learn how to search the Cleveland Public Library catalog and keep track of your library account. Please bring your library card.

Job Searching Online

Are you interested in finding a new job or upgrading your career? Join this workshop and learn techniques to improve your chances of online job searching success.

CPL and Your Device

Join us for a Q&A with an experienced instructor to unlock the power of your touchscreen device. Sessions will address the difference between Apple and Android, app downloads, and general troubleshooting.

Resume Workshop

Need a resume? Have a resume that needs updating? Learn how to create a resume or improve your existing resume during this workshop. Beginners and experienced resume writers are welcome.

Your Digital Footprint

Learn strategies to safeguard your privacy, manage your online accounts, and control your information on the web.


3D Cookie Cutter Lab

Learn how to create your very own unique cookie cutter using a 3D printer. No 3D printer experience necessary.

3D Pet Monster

Sculpt digital blocks of clay to create your own 3D pet monster, then print it out on a 3D printer.

3D Printing Basics

Learn about 3D Printing technologies, how they work, and ways 3D printing is currently being used. View a 3D printer in action, and find out how you can print your own models using the Library’s 3D printers. No 3D printing experience is necessary.

Aww Snap Circuits: Making Electronic Circuits

Discover the basics of electronics, integrated circuits, and more. Try your hand at creating circuit board projects with Snap Circuit Kits.

Duct Tape Universe

You have heard of the power of duct tape. It’s been seen on MythBusters, and The Duct Tape Guys have written several books about its uses.  Duct tape can be used for everything from securing air ducts together to creating prom dresses and tuxedos. Now explore how you can craft this popular tape into everyday objects that you can use yourself.

Introduction to 3D Design using Tinkercad

Learn the basics of designing your own unique 3D models using free Tinkercad software. No previous 3D design or printing experience is necessary. Strong keyboard and mouse skills are required.

Make a Tough Wallet out of a Mail Envelope

Tyvek is a durable and light paper used worldwide to send packages. Learn to make a unique, thin, and light wallet that can be used to carry cash and cards, all out of a standard Tyvek mailing envelope.

Make Your Masterpiece: Digital Darkroom

Be the photographer you’ve always wanted to be with TechCentral’s next Make Your Masterpiece MakerLab.  Upload your personal photos to and use the traditional darkroom techniques to manipulate color, contrast and size of your photos.  Create interesting images for blogs and social media and prepare your photos for high-quality printing. No photography experience required! Basic computer, mouse, and typing skills are required.

Make Your Masterpiece: Sketchbook Drawing

Every day an artist is born, make today your day! Find out how you can turn your ideas into works of art using an iPad, a drawing pen, and the Sketchbook Pro app. Learn the techniques and skills needed to create digital masterpieces, and share or print your works of art before you leave. No artistic ability is required, just a sense of fun!

MakerKit Mania!

Do you like tinkering, constructing, and making things? Are you interesting in learning about electronics, building, and more? Learn to build circuits, create synthesized music, construct towering structures, and more!  Choose from the following kits:
-K’NEX building kit
-Music Synthesizer kit
-LittleBits electronics kit
-SnapCircuits electronics kit

MakerKits: Lego Bricks and K’NEX

Do you like tinkering, constructing, and making things? Build towering structures and unique objects with LEGO Bricks and K’NEX Building sets. Drop-in or build the entire session.

Making Basics: Knitting Made Easy

Learn to knit the easy way using only yarn and a special loom.

Making Paracord Survival Bands

Paracord is a strong, yet thin and lightweight material, in which one strand can hold nearly 550 pounds! Create a paracord survival band using this amazingly strong, yet light material.

Making Tunes: Virtual Rock Band

It’s time to rock out!!! Have you ever wanted to create your own songs and vocal recordings, or play a variety of virtual instruments? Join us for this digital jam-session and learn how to use Apple’s GarageBand to create your own sounds and melodies. Learn how to create your own virtual rock band and get started on the path to Rock and Roll glory!  No musical experience is required, but a ‘good ear’ for harmony never hurts! Basic computer, mouse, and typing skills are required.

Making Tunes: Mastering Mix Tracks

Discover how to edit sound, voice, and music using multiple soundtracks. Learn the basics of navigating Audacity, a multi-track audio editor and recorder, and create unique, creative, or even professional sounds by recording, manipulating and mixing together different audio tracks.

Mobile MakerSpace Demonstration

Come see the new TechCentral Mobile MakerSpace and learn about laser engraving and 3D printing technologies during this hour-long session. Take home a laser-engraved or 3D-printed keychain.

Papercraft 3D Modeling

Print out and assemble 3D models without the aid of a 3D printer. Learn how to use common materials such as paper and cardboard to create fun and interesting 3D models.

MakerKit: Make a littleBits™ Synthesizer

Learn how to create a customer music synthesizer using littleBits™ Synth modules.

MakerKit: littleBits™ electronic kit Open Play

Learn what littleBits™ are and how to use them to create exciting and unique electronic circuits. Create sound machines, robots, switches, dancing lights, and more. Drop in for 5 minutes, or stay for the entire session.

Make and Play a Giant Floor Piano

Create a giant-sized floor piano that you play by stepping on.

Make a Drum Machine from ANYTHING

Create a Drum Machine from random things around the library like pencils, foil, plants, and more!

Laser Engraving Demonstration

Learn about Laser Engraving and see the TechCentral’s Mobile MakerSpace Laser Engraver in action. Design, engrave, and laser cut your own name plate.

Coding Basics Series

This four-class series is an introduction to the concepts involved in programming and writing code. Participate in a variety of activities that will help you understand how programming works. This is open to anyone, but focuses on the most basic concepts of coding.

Maker Mondays: Laser Engraving

Join us to learn about how you can etch and cut designs onto a variety of materials including wood, glass and even phone cases. It’s fun, easy, and free. No registration required.

Maker Mondays: 3D Printing

Drop in to this demonstration to learn how to prepare an STL file to print on a 3D printer. Staff will show you proper methods to load and unload PLA filament, then print pre-made files. This is not a design class. No registration required.

Maker Mondays: Printing and Cutting Vinyl Signs

Tap into your creative side when you learn about the endless possibilities when it comes to our vinyl machines. Staff will teach you to load and unload our vinyl cutter and our vinyl printer/cutter. We offer vinyl for stickers, window decals, banners, and even vinyl that you can press onto t-shirts. This is not a design class. No registration required.

Maker Mondays: Cutting and Pressing Vinyl T-Shirt Designs

Want to fuse your design onto a t-shirt? We’ve got you covered. Staff will show you how to load and unload the vinyl printer/cutter, then demonstrate the t-shirt pressing process on our heat press. This is not a design class. No registration required.

Make a Statement: Button-Making

Use TechCentral’s portable button-maker to create your own personalized button!

Constructing Laser-Cut Boxes

Design and build your own custom-made wood trinket box, which will be laser-cut during the program. No design or construction experience is required.