Computer Class Descriptions

Computer Basics

Computers 101
Learn how to use a mouse and navigate in Windows. No prior experience is necessary.

Computers 102
Learn how to use Windows programs and files.

Internet I
This is an introduction to the World Wide Web and using a Web browser to find information.

Internet II
Learn how to use search engines like Google to find information.


Email Basics I
Set up your own email account and learn to send and receive email messages.

Email Basics II
Learn to organize your email messages, create contacts and explore further what email has to offer.

Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 I
Learn how to enter and edit text and open, save and print a Word document.

Microsoft Word 2010 II
Create tabs and bullets; format text and paragraphs.

Microsoft Word 2010 III
Create and edit tables. Add text, format and sort data.

Microsoft Word 2010 IV
Add headers and footers to documents; insert hyperlinks, citations and save templates.

Mail Merge
Learn how to print on envelopes and labels using mail merge.

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 I
Learn how to enter and edit data and perform simple tasks.

Microsoft Excel 2010 II
Learn how to create calculations in your worksheet.

Microsoft Excel 2010 III
Learn to format and change the appearance of data and your worksheets; use sorting & filtering and find & replace.

Microsoft Excel 2010 IV
Learn how to create charts based on your data.

Microsoft Excel 2010 Supplement
Learn how to create macros and use templates.

Microsoft Office Graphics 2010

Microsoft Office Graphics
Use Microsoft Word to learn how to insert and edit pictures, ClipArt, shapes, text boxes, SmartArt, and WordArt.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 I
Learn how to create a computer-based slide presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 II
Learn how to add graphics, transitions, and animations.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 I
This is an overview of the tools and elements in Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 II
Learn how to use templates to create and design publications like a simple flyer, business card, or newsletter.


African American Heritage Online
Explore African American History Resources online using Cleveland Public Library databases & selected African-American historical research collections.

Business Letters & Memos
Learn to communicate more effectively by following business etiquette, focusing on purpose and action, and creating well-formatted documents.

Buying and Selling on the Internet
Learn the ins and outs of buying and selling merchandise from online auctions such as eBay, Craigslist, and

Cover Letters
Learn tips and tools on writing an effective cover letter.

CPL 101
An enormous collection of materials–books, movies and much, much more–is at your fingertips. Learn how to search the Cleveland Public Library catalog and keep track of your library account. Please bring your library card.

eBooks & eReaders
Learn about the CLEVNET eBook collection and how to transfer books to your device.

The Entrepreneurship Primer
Attend this two hour workshop to explore your business idea. Learn about databases and resources such as Reference USA, Gale Legal Resources, and D&B Million Dollar Database, etc.

Google Apps
Discover a better way of learning. Free Web-based email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google talk anytime, anywhere. Get Apps today. It’s free.

Improve Your Job Search
Take this personalized Job & Career Accelerator ™ workshop, where we will assist you in setting up a LearningExpress Library account, a personal profile, and filling out Occupation Matcher, all which will assist you in a successful job search. See the variety of online practice tests to succeed in academic or licensing tests.

Job Searching
Learn to use the internet to search for a job.

Resume Writing
Learn how to prepare a resume and get tips on writing objectives.

Writing a Business Plan
Learn to write a business plan for your future or current business. Stay organized, outline your goals, or attract investors.

Your Digital Footprint
Learn strategies to safeguard your privacy, manage your online accounts, and control your information on the web.


3D Cookie Cutter Lab
Learn how to create your very own unique cookie cutter using a 3D printer. No 3D printer experience necessary.

Aww Snap Circuits: Making Electronic Circuits
Discover the basics of electronics, integrated circuits, and more. Try your hand at creating circuit board projects with Snap Circuit Kits.

Digital Gloves: Making Touchscreen Compatibles Gloves
Have you ever tried to use your touchscreen phone on a frigid Cleveland winter day, only to be frustrated that it does not work with gloves on? Now it can! Learn how to transform your favorite gloves into touchscreen compatible gloves for less than $1! Discover why traditional gloves do not work with touchscreens and how a little bit of sewing can make a big difference. Be sure to bring your own gloves, and we will supply the thread and tools.

Duct Tape Universe
You have heard of the power of duct tape, it’s been seen on MythBusters and The Duct Tape Guys have written several books about its uses. Duct tape can be used for everything from securing air ducts together to creating prom dresses and tuxedos. Now explore how you can craft this popular tape into everyday objects that you can use yourself.

Enigma, Da Vinci and 007, Oh My!
This will introduce you to the basics of Codes and Cyphers. Jumping off from how early computers broke Enigma machines in WWII; we will learn how codes and cyphers are created. We will make some simple codes and cyphers during class and learn how the technology is used to create internet security today!

Laser Engraved Photo Squares
Modify your favorite photo and create a portrait using TechCentral’s Laser Engraver. Bring a digital copy of your favorite photo or use our camera to take one on the spot. Learn how to convert your photo into ‘line drawing’ art, and then watch as we show you how to laser engrave your photo on a wood square. Finished photo squares will be ready for pickup one week after the event, or you can reserve a time to engrave the photo square yourself! No Photography or laser engraving experience required!

Make a Camera Obscura : Making the 17th Century
The Camera Obscura has been used since ancient times to recreate images using a simple lens. Artists have used this device for centuries in order to quickly and easily sketch images. Learn how to use common household items such as juice cartons and paper towel rolls to create your own version of this artist’s tool. All supplies and tools will be provided. This is a special two-part program.

Make a Glow In The Dark Ornament
Learn how to make your own glow in the dark ornament. These unique crafts are great for Halloween festivities or other holidays, and make great gifts. All supplies and tools will be provided.

Make a Panjolele: Cake Pan Musical Instrument
A Panjolele is a ukulele sized banjo made out of metal cake tins and wood. Learn to build this unique musical instrument from materials you can find in your own house. All supplies and tools will be provided. This is a special two-part program.

Make Your Masterpiece: Digital Darkroom
Be the photographer you’ve always wanted to be with TechCentral’s next Make Your Masterpiece MakerLab. Upload your personal photos to and use the traditional darkroom techniques to manipulate color, contrast and size of your photos. Create interesting images for blogs and social media as well as prepare your photos for high quality printing. No photography experience required! Basic computer, mouse, and typing skills are required.

Make Your Masterpiece: Sketchbook Drawing
Everyday an artist is born, make today your day! Find out how you can turn your ideas into works of art using an iPad, a drawing pen, and the Sketchbook Pro app. Learn the techniques and skills needed to create digital masterpieces, and share or print your works of art before you leave. No artistic ability is required, just a sense of fun!

Make Your Space: Floor Planning
Learn how you can reimagine spaces in homes, offices, and other areas using free online floor planning software. Discover the basics of interior design, including floor planning, color selection and room layout and use these concepts to form creative floor plans. Basic knowledge of computers, mouse use, and internet use are required.

Making Tunes: Virtual Rock Band
It’s time to rock out!!! Have you ever wanted to create your own songs and vocal recordings, or play a variety of virtual instruments? Join us for this digital jam-session and learn how to use Apple’s GarageBand to create your own sounds and melodies. Learn how to create your own virtual rock band and get started on the path to Rock and Roll glory! No musical experience is required, but a ‘good ear’ for harmony never hurts! Basic computer, mouse, and typing skills are required.

Making Code: Learn to Program
Learn how easy it is to make your own simple computer application in TechCentral’s computer programming Lab. Using the easy-to-understand Ruby programming language, you will find out how to create interactive programs, computer generated drawings, and more! Whether you are a computer novice or an experienced programmer, join us for this fun, hands-on lab. No programming experience is required! Basic computer, mouse and typing skills are required.

Making Video Slideshows
Whether you prefer Hollywood or the indie scene, you have the opportunity to become your own director. The free Smilebox software makes it easy to celebrate, share and preserve the magic in life’s moments. This lab will briefly show you how to create one-of-a-kind slideshows using photos from your PC or camera. Enhance your photos from a birthday celebration, family vacation or special anytime. Be creative! Learn to share you creations with others online through Facebook, YouTube or other social networking and video sharing sites. Feel free to bring your own camera or digital photos to try out these new tricks, or simply use digital photos that we provide.

MakerKit Mania!
Do you like tinkering, constructing, and making things? Are you interesting in learning about electronics, building, and more? Learn to build circuits, create synthesized music, construct towering structures, and more! Choose from the following kits:
-K’NEX building kit
-Music Synthesizer kit
-LittleBits electronics kit
-SnapCircuits electronics kit

Make a Tough Wallet out of a Mail Envelope
Tyvek is a durable and light paper used worldwide to send packages. Learn to make a unique, thin and light wallet that can be used to carry cash and cards, all out of a standard Tyvek mailing envelope.

Make Your Own Weather Station
Ever wonder how Meteorologist measure the weather? What instruments are used? How forecasts are made? Wonder no more and build your own weather station. Learn how to build weather instruments to measure daily temperature, wind speed and direction, air pressure, humidity, and rainfall amounts. Discover how to use online resources together with your weather observations to predict the weather.

3D Printing Basics
While 3D printing for the masses is in its infancy, it is steadily working its way into public consciousness one newspaper article or television special at a time. While the term “3D printing” may be familiar to some, the process and its many uses still remain a mystery to most. This workshop will introduce participants to foundations of 3D printing, including:
-What is 3D printing?
-What are its uses?
-How does it work?
-Where can I find resources for 3D printing?
No 3D printing experience is necessary.

Making Panoramas with Photo Stitching
Join us for a quick lab that will explain how to use FREE basic software by Microsoft called ICE (Image Composite Editor). Learn to “stitch” photos together to create high-quality panoramas and other unique projects. Whether you’re experienced or just a digital photography novice you will enjoy learning how to create sweeping panoramic images using simple point and click digital cameras or camera phones. Bring your own camera or digital photos to try out these new tricks, or simply use digital photos that we provide.

Making Tunes: Mastering Mix Tracks
Discover how to edit sound, voice, and music using multiple sound tracks. Learn the basics of navigating Audacity, a multi-track audio editor and recorder, and create unique, creative, or even professional sounds by recording, manipulating and mixing together different audio tracks.

Papercraft 3D Modeling
Print out and assemble 3D models without the aid of a 3D printer. Learn how to use common materials such as paper and cardboard create fun and interesting 3D models

Through the Kaleidoscope: Making Abstract Digital Art
Have you ever seen a spectacular desktop wallpaper, or a futuristic design and wonder how it’s done? “Through the Kaleidoscope” lab will introduce you to the basics of digital painting allowing you to make your own unique creation. Let loose your inner artist and join us to learn about the digital painting process and use Sumo Paint©, a free online painting program.