A New Way to Do Business: A Conversation with the Cleveland Public Library

The Cleveland Public Library is doing business differently, and we want to do more business with vendors in the community.

Join us on Thursday, August 26 for a 90-minute community event to learn more about how you can do business with the library, and the way that we are doing business differently. This important event will highlight the library’s intention to turn diversity, equity, and inclusion into a business model that will drive accountability in the organizations and vendors we rely on to supply power to our community.

Guest Speakers:

Felton Thomas – Executive Director, CEO, Cleveland Public Library

Dr. Sadie Winlock – Chief Equity, Education & Engagement Officer, Cleveland Public Library

Danielle Morris – Sr. Partner Compliance and Supplier Diversity, JumpStart, Inc.

Christopher Smith – Sr. Manager Deal Flow, JumpStart, Inc.

At this event:

  • Cleveland Public Library will outline the groundwork for how the library will measure diversity and inclusion from new and existing vendors and the plan to incorporate supplier diversity into decision-making over the long term with the new supplier diversity policy.
  • Attendees will understand the library’s intention to provide more opportunities for community members to do business with the Cleveland Public Library.
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation on the steps vendors will need to take to become partners and preferred vendors with the library.
  • Attendees will hear from experts on the tactics, tips, and best practices on how vendors can build working relationships and partnerships that are beneficial to all.

The Cleveland Public Library (CPL) continues its commitment to building a better community that is even more diverse, equitable, and inclusive—a place where everyone can actively be involved in progressing the ecosystem in Cleveland. A place, a library that empowers people in a city where opportunity is within reach for everyone.