Doing Business with Cleveland Public Library

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Policy was developed to ensure that local residents served by the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) have the opportunity to take full advantage of contracting opportunities in a highly competitive market. This policy will help provide a structure that allows diverse businesses to successfully navigate the contracting opportunities and lead to greater workforce diversification on library projects.

The end goal is to create a level of involvement in CPL projects that mirrors the makeup and diversity of the Cleveland region and that includes the involvement of local businesses in the creation of new public facilities for their communities and neighborhoods.

CPL believes that historically underutilized businesses and the people served by the library should share in the prosperity generated by the projects and be a part of the engine for economic development.


CPL is Open for Business. We welcome business offers from all local, regional and national vendors. To be best prepared to submit a bid or proposal to CPL please consider the following:

Purchases under $10,000: To build relationships and grow/expand diverse business partnerships, all purchases of supplies of $10,000 or less will be offered to diverse vendors only. All departments will be required to identify and select a diverse vendor providing supplies at this purchase level unless the items are unique, proprietary, available only from a sole source, or there are no diverse vendors available to provide the supplies needed in a timely fashion or at a reasonable price. Departments will be encouraged to seek out diverse vendors for purchased or contracted services, library materials, or capital outlay in the amount of $10,000 or less.

Purchases over $10,000: Purchased or contracted services, library materials or capital outlay required by departments that are over $10,000 will be offered to any qualified vendor. Three quotes, however, will be required (subject to exceptions for sole source, proprietary, or unique goods or services) with the requirement that at least one of the quotes come from a diverse vendor. If the diverse vendor is within 10% of the lowest submitted bid, the diverse vendor will be selected. Note: Professional Services are an exception to this requirement.

Current Bid Opportunities

Cleveland Public Library will post all available procurement/contract opportunities in this space. Our procurement/contract opportunities are also listed on the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) Marketplace.

Cooperative Purchasing Programs

Cleveland Public Library participates in several cooperative purchasing programs/consortiums to obtain volume discounts.

When submitting quotes, bids, or proposals to the Library, please indicate which, if any of the participating programs your business belongs to and what discounted prices/contracts are available through your company.




In 2017, Cleveland voters approved a levy for more funding for the Cleveland Public Library. As our promise to the community, the Library is using that money to rebuild, renovate and reimagine the spaces at each of its branches. Help us take this next step in the design process to be collaborative to achieve optimal results.

Gilbane Building Company representatives are assisting the Library with subcontracting opportunities. Contractors who are interested in working on any of the Library projects should visit the Gilbane Building Company website to begin the prequalification process.


Cleveland Public Library is “The People’s University,” the center of learning for a diverse and inclusive community. Our 27 neighborhood libraries and the Main Library complex in downtown Cleveland serve as integral gathering places for our community and offer free, open, and equal access to information, resources, programs, and services designed to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals, families, neighborhoods, and our community. 

The Library creates and offers thousands of free, high-quality programs throughout the year to meet a wide range of community needs including building skills and knowledge, nurturing inquiring minds of all ages, encouraging interactive engagement in the arts, sparking civic conversations, and allowing communities to come together around shared interests.  

Would you like to offer your program or presentation at the Cleveland Public Library​?   We welcome proposals and suggestions from individual or group presenters and community organizations. 

Please take a moment to review the following information before you submit:

Programs are selected for their quality, the expertise and experience of presenters/performers, overall fit with Cleveland Public Library’s strategic priorities, and community needs. Priorities will change depending on seasonal and other factors. Schedules are determined a minimum of 9 to 12 months in advance.

Please note that program proposals will not be accepted by phone or by email.

Due to the volume of proposals received, we regret that we can respond only to proposals that meet a current need and fit Cleveland Public Library’s strategic priorities.


Dr. Sadie M. Winlock

Chief Equity, Education & Engagement Officer

Cleveland Public Library’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

Phone: (216) 623-2882

Carol Hubler, SPSM

Procurement & Contract Coordinator

Call or email me with questions about:

  • RFPs & the bidding process
  • Purchase orders
  • Current contracts

Phone: (216) 623-2843

Angelina Bueno

Accounting Supervisor

Call or email me with questions about invoice status or vendor payments.

Phone: (216) 623-2882