Robert Shauter

Robert Shauter, Class of 1923. After receiving his degree from the Western Reserve University Pharmacology School, Mr.. Shauter worked for several drug stores. Then in 1936, he and his wife Francis purchased their first store at the corner of East 93rd and Cedar. In 1943, Shauter Drug was expanded and occupied facilities in the Reserve Building at East 55th and Woodland — the center of the African-American business district. Shauter Drug became Shauter Drug Company, and a prescription laboratory was opened in 1940 at East 55th and Central. After his sudden death in 19944, Mr.. Shauter’s wife became the president and general manager of the company. She opened a fourth store at East 105th and Ostend. In his honor, friends of Robert Shauter donated to Case’s School of Social Sciences (SASS) a kitchen facility for social workers and clients.