Poster for the 2008 Election Night Rally for Obama in Cleveland, Ohio

This poster advertises the 2008 election night rally for Barack Obama at the House of Blue in Cleveland, Ohio. The poster has a red background with a graphic of Obama, smiling in profile. There is a stylized American flag at the bottom of the poster. The predominant colors are red, blue, black and white. The text on the poster invites the public to a free rally at the House of Blue on November 4, 2008. Some of the text says [PACKY MALLEY PRESENTS A ONE LOVE PRODUCTIONS / OBAMA / HOPE / RALLY / ELECTION / NIGHT AT / THE / HOUSE / OF BLUES] and at the bottom reads {HISTORIC PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION]. Information about the address, time and musical performances is also included. The bottom corner has a copyright symbol for Kevin Morgan Studio. The reverse is blank