Photograph of the Exterior of Bill Hawkins’ Record Studio

A black-and-white photograph of the exterior of Bill Hawkins’ Record Studio. The photograph, taken at night, depicts a crowd of people watching Disc Jockey Bill “Hawk” Hawkins deejaying inside his record studio. The crowd is standing on the sidewalk looking into DJ booth, located inside the store’s front window. Bill Hawkins is partially visible inside. He is standing inside the booth, wearing headphones with black wires draped down the front of his shirt. He is wearing a white collared shirt and dark trousers. On the wall behind him are a row of photographs and a partially visible wall clock. The spectators include men, women, and children. Most of the men are wearing suits and Stetson hats, while the women mostly wear dresses with overcoats. In the foreground are two bicycles on the left and far right. The sign above the crowd [[—?]ision / Bill Hawkins / RECORD / STUDIO]. A smaller sign next door reads [RESTAURANT]. The photograph has a white border that is thicker on the left side and a landscape orientation. The back of the photograph is white and plain. There is a diagonally oriented, black ink stamp at the center that reads [PHOTO BY / JIMMY JOYCE / 2222 EAST 29TH ST. / CLEVELAND 6, OHIO] and two small red ink [+] signs in the top and bottom left corners.