Photograph of Jack Oakie and Jesse Owens

A silver gelatin print depicting a black-and-white image of Jesse Owens and Jack Oakie. Owens, depicted on the left, standing in profile looking towards Oakie. Owens is wearing and light-colored suit. Oakie, depicted on the right, is leaning forward holding a watering can in his proper right hand above Owen’s shoes, as if watering them. He is wearing a black tuxedo, a black bow tie, and a white flower on his proper left lapel. They are posing on the sidewalk in front of a large wooden door. Mounted on the door behind them is a partially obscured sign that reads, [ [WARI]NG / [—?] OPEN DOOR/ [I] F RED LIGHT / [—?] [B] URNING]. The image is boarded with white and along the bottom is centered black text that reads, [Copr. 1935, Paramount Productions, Inc. Permission granted for Newspaper and Magazine reproductions. (Made in U.S.A.)]. A handwritten inscription in blue pencil on the back reads, [Jack Okie [sic] / Jessie [sic] Owens].