Photograph of Earl Bostic Signing Autographs inside Bill Hawkins’ Record Studio

A black-and-white photograph of Earl Bostic signing autographs for a large group of people inside Bill Hawkins’ Record Studio. Bostic and the others are crowded around a long, curving countertop and a record carousel. The group includes men, women, a group of young girls. The people at the front of the crowd are leaning on the countertop. At the center is Bostic, standing behind a stack of long-playing (LP) records in sleeves. Bostic is wearing a button-down shirt with a pineapple pattern and suspenders. He is smiling and looking down at a record in his proper right hand. He is also holding a pen in the same hand. A round record carousel sitting on a round wooden table dominates the foreground of the photograph. It has white LP sleeves fanned out in a circle around the center column with vinyl records filling each sleeve. The column is white and has a square shaped handle at the top. The group of girls standing behind the carousel are all depicted wearing white tops. In the background, next to a window on the left, is a poster depicting Disc Jockey Bill “Hawk” Hawkins talking into a microphone. On the right in the background is a wooden display case pushed against a wall with two signs resting on the top. The sign on the left is round and white with black text on the front advertising [89c] records. The white, rectangular sign on the right has black text advertising [THE FIVE KEYS] and [EDDIE / CHAMLEE] event. In the far right background is a photographic portrait of Cab Calloway. The photograph has a white border and a landscape orientation. The back of the photograph is white and plain with a stamp at the center in a vertically oriented position. The black ink stamp reads [JAMES A. JOYCE / PHOTOGRAPHER / TY 1-0748 CLEVELAND, OHIO].