Photograph of Disc Jockey Bill “Hawk” Hawkins with Bill Bailey

A black-and-white photograph of Disc Jockey Bill “Hawk” Hawkins with Bill Bailey. The photograph, taken from the front window of Bill Hawkins’ Record studio, depicts Hawkins and Bailey, behind a large DJ console with a microphone and a turntable. Hawkins is depicted on the right, looking into the distance. Over his ears are a pair of headphone with black wires draped down the front of his shirt and is leaning slightly towards the microphone in front of him. He is wearing a dark collared shirt with white, wavy vertical stripes and dark trousers. He is resting his proper right hand on the side of the turntable. Bailey, depicted on the left, is wearing a dark suit, white collared shirt, and a dark tie with a diagonal stripe pattern. Leaning against the front of the turntable is a partially visible black sign with white text in varying fonts that reads [See an [d?] / [Bill H] / Sh / 5:45 / Radio / WDOK / ON]. To the left of the sign, also leaning on the turntable, is an open display box with compartment dividers filled with a white late, white utensils, and small white bowls and dishes. Behind the men is a window framed in wood paneling. The top of another man’s head is visible in the window. The photograph has a white border and a portrait orientation. The back of the photograph is white with an upside down, black ink stamp that reads [ JAMES A. JOYCE / PHOTOGRAPHER / TY 1-0748 CLEVELAND, OHIO].