Photograph of Disc Jockey Bill “Hawk” Hawkins Inside the Shiloh Baptist Church

A black-and-white photograph of Disc Jockey Bill “Hawk” Hawkins standing behind the altar of Shiloh Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Hawkins is depicted behind the tiered, light-toned altar, centered on a dark wooden dais. He is smiling and looking slightly downwards towards the right. The dais is decorated with two ferns and three flower arrangements. One of the flower arrangements sits on a piano on the far right of the dais. Behind Hawkins is a row of high back chairs with velvet back panels and cushions. Howard Parker is seated with his legs crossed in the chair on the far right. He is wearing a dark suit, dark patterned tie, and a white collared shirt. In the background is a wood paneled wall. Black text printed on the dais panel below the alter reads [THIS DO IN REMEMBERANCE OF ME]. Above the altar is a banner with black outline text that reads [ONE LORD ONE FAITH ONE BAPTISM]. The photograph has a white border and a landscape orientation. The back of the photograph is white with a photographer’s stamp and a pencil inscription. The black ink stamp at the center reads [PHOTO BY / JIMMY JOYCE / 2222 EAST 29TH ST. / CLEVELAND 6, OHIO]. The pencil inscription along the top edge reads [Bill Hawkins and Howard Parker of / Shiloh Baptist Church – Delivering message on].