Paul Hill Jr. Papers

Paul Hill, Jr. (1945 – ) is a civic leader, social worker, author, publisher, educator, researcher, and founder of the Rites of Passage Program and the Greater Cleveland Kwanzaa Alliance. The collection consists of an agenda, articles, awards and recognitions, brochure and information sheet related to the Rites of Passage Program, a business card, calendars, correspondence, a diary, drawings, fliers, a guidebook entitled “Transformation: A guide for Adulthood Development”, a handbook entitled “Youth Opportunities Unlimited 1988 Community Project Handbook”, invitations, letters, a manual entitled “Rites of Passage Forward to the Past: Adolescent Rites of Passage”, meeting minutes, memos, newsletters, newspaper clippings, news releases, notes, poems, program booklets, proposal applications, reading material entitled “Kwanzaa: Origin, Concepts, Practice”, reports and budget related to the Greater Cleveland Kwanzaa Alliance, and syllabuses and class schedules.