Newsweek Vol. LXXVI No. 5

A copy of Newsweek magazine from the week of August 3, 1970. [Newsweek] appears in bold red letters across the top of the magazine. The cover story appears in black, blue, yellow type in the top of the magazine [The / Black / Mayors / How Are / They Doing? / Newark’s / Kenneth Gibson]. The cover features a photograph of Kenneth Gibson standing outdoors in a suit and tie, positioned to the left of the text.
The cover article appears on pages 16-22. In addition to Kenneth Gibson, the article also features Mayor Carl Stokes of Cleveland, Ohio, Richard Hatcher of Gary, Indiana, and Walter E. Washington of Washington D.C. The article discusses a number of black politicians holding local office, including Richard Austin of Detroit and Maynard Jackson, Jr. of Atlanta. There is also a section dedicated to the court case involving Newark mayor Hugh J. Addonizio, Gibson’s predecessor. The article was written by Assoc. Editor David M. Alpern with assistance from other staff.