National Black Political Convention

Several thousand African Americans gathered in Gary for the National Black Political Convention. The convention pulled together a cross section of people representing a wide range of political philosophies. Held at Westside High School, the event brought together Republicans, Democrats, nationalists, Socialists and independents. The steering committee consisted of Gary Mayor Richard G. Hatcher, U.S. Representative Charles C. Diggs and poet Amiri Baraka (also known as Leroi Jones). The convention was culmination of a series of earlier meetings, mostly held in 1971. The purpose of the meetings and the convention was to develop a unified political strategy for African-Americans from 1972 forward.
The collection relates, mostly, to the National Black Political Convention. Of particular note are a conference program, a fact sheet describing the history of the organization, an outline of the delegate selection process in Indiana and a transcript of a speech attributed to Carl B. Stokes, former Mayor of Cleveland.