Mukti Fund Records

The previous hit Mukti next hit Fund was established in 1983 by Michael A. Dively and Martin Dupuis to help expand individual awareness and improve the quality of life through community projects. From 1985 through 2001, the fund focused its efforts on the Caribbean nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, with an emphasis on sustainable development and the preservation of the natural and cultural resources of the islands. The St. Kitts and Nevis Advisory Committee was established in 1988 to allow local leaders input into the grant making decisions. By 2001 the fund began to phase out its Saint Kitts and Nevis projects and concentrate its resources on other areas of interest, including gay and lesbian issues. The collection consists of account statements, correspondence, forms, grant proposals, itineraries, lists, memoranda, minutes, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, press releases, publications, receipts, reports, and stamps.